1. ourlittlebabyhill:

    I stayed home with Asher today because he is sick. But not that sick. We were dancing and then he got tired, so I gave him his pacifier and he fell right to sleep. Hah!


  2. It’s a good day to go to the zoo! No one is here. :-) So beautiful today, too.


  3. I can’t wait for this! New MJ music!!!


  4. I just had to share Asher’s new look.


  5. aprettypicturesblog:

    drunk octopus wants to fight you


  6. Double Fine’s Hack ‘N’ Slash arms you with a USB sword and the power to debug
    Brian Crecente, polygon.com

    In Dou­ble Fine’s new PC adven­ture game Hack ‘N’ Slash, play­ers will solve puz­zles, explore dun­geons, bat­tle knights and slay boss­es through the power of com­put­er pro­gram­ming.

    Orig­i­nal­ly pitched in 2012 dur­ing Dou­ble Fine’s…

    This looks like a really cool game.


  7. Can’t wait.


  8. Broncos sign DeMarcus Ware
    By Adam Schefter, go.com


    DeMar­cus Ware has signed a three-year, $30 mil­lion con­tract with the Den­ver Bron­cos that includes $20 mil­lion in guar­an­teed money, a source told ESPN NFL Insid­er Adam Schefter.

    The Bron­cos announced the sign­ing Wednes­day, but t…

    Whoa. I feel like this was the right thing to do, I guess, but I’m gonna miss Demarcus.


  9. Runnin’ errands. Lookin’ cool.


  10. Skiing at Steamboat. So amazing.